VIRGINIA 2017: DFA and Indivisible GOTV

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Virginia is the critical battleground for building state legislative power in 2017. With not just the Governor's race but the Lieutenant Governor's office, the Attorney General, and the House of Delegates in play - plus a chance to block Republicans veto-proof majority - it's essential that we mobilize every progressive voter to vote up and down the ballot this coming Tuesday, November 7th. That's why we're partnering with our friends at Indivisible to get out the vote across the Commonwealth.

Candidate Highlights:

Justin Fairfax for Lieutenant Governor

Justin Fairfax is running a bold progressive campaign to serve as Virginia's Lieutenant Governor. He has stood up for working families against corporate power, fought for reproductive rights as the Vice Chair of the local Planned Parenthood board, advocated against destructive oil and gas pipelines, and is running to build a thriving local economy that works for all Virginians, not just the wealthiest few.

As an Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia and the Deputy Coordinator of the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force, Justin saw the power that law enforcement and criminal justice reform can have to keep communities safe, while providing second chances, saving hard-earned taxpayer dollars, and changing communities and lives. As a small business owner with his wife, Dr. Cerina Fairfax, DDS, he understands the importance of strengthening and diversifying Virginia’s economy. And as a father of a young son and daughter, he knows how important economic stability is for our children’s future. 

Justin received scholarships to Duke University, where he graduated with a degree in Public Policy Studies, and Columbia Law School, where he was selected for the Columbia Law Review. He is paying forward his spiritual debt through public service – he wants to enable everyone to have the same opportunities he had to pursue the American dream, no matter where they start in life. If elected, Justin would make history as only the second Black elected official ever to serve statewide office in Virginia's history. 

House of Delegates

We'll be mobilizing voters in suppor of State Assembly candidates across the commonwealth - you may see other Delegate names in the calling script depending on the day and time you log in - but here are four top tier DFA-endorsed races to highlight:

Hala Ayala is a long-time community advocate who wants to make sure that Prince William County families have the resources they need succeed and thrive.

As a single mother, Hala worked her way up from a service job with no health insurance to being a cybersecurity specialist with the Department of Homeland Security. As the founder and President of the Prince William County chapter of the National Organization for Women, she helped organize Virginia for the Women’s March on Washington, and fought for core progressive initiatives like raising the minimum wage, Medicaid Expansion and equal pay for equal work.

As a longtime activist, Hala decided to run for the House of Delegates as a means to better serve her community. She saw that her current Delegate vote against things like reproductive rights and Medicaid Expansion, against bringing Metro to the county, while voting to take funds out of local schools. She wants to ensure that her friends and neighbors are all represented equally and fairly when decisions are made in state government.

Hala has been supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement and issues around equality. She also supports comprehensive immigration reform and workers’ rights; she has marched alongside labor unions for fair wages. Hala has been endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia, Congressman Gerry Connolly, Take Action Virginia (a coalition of labor and immigrant advocacy groups), the Virginia League of Conservation Voters, the Virginia National Organization for Women and EMILY’s List, among others, and is running to go to Richmond to fight to make sure all Virginia families have access to equity, justice and economic opportunity.

Danica Roem is a journalist and community leader running for Virginia’s House of Delegates 13th District. Born and raised in Manassas, Danica is the first transgender woman to ever win the Democratic nomination to the House of Delegates, and would be the first trangender woman to serve in the legislature. She’s running on a progressive platform around investing in good local jobs, infrastructure, public transportation, and quality schools, and taking on an entrenched radical rightwing Republican in a competitive, closely watched Northern Virginia race.  Danica began her career as a reporter for the Gainesville Times and later the Prince William Times, where she covered games at every public high school in the county. She saw the best in people tackling poverty and homelessness and the worst in people killing each other. She wrote stories about schools, business, development, and, of course, transportation. 

In these roles, and later, as the news editor of the Montgomery County Sentinel in Rockville, MD, she came to learn to listen deeply to what people were saying and understand their reasoning, and she’ll bring that deep accountability and commitment to transparency and inclusion to Richmond.

Elizabeth Guzman is a candidate for the 31st District of the House of Delegates, and currently serves as a social worker with the City of Alexandria. She’s an immigrant from Peru, who came here looking for opportunities for her oldest daughter Pamela, working 3 jobs to afford a 1 bedroom apartment. She then worked her way through college and earned 2 masters degrees in social work and public administration. Elizabeth is a proud AFSCME member, and, if elected, she would be the first Latina, AFSCME member, and social worker elected to the Virginia legislature.

She is running to bring representation to all voters in her district, who have been ignored by Scott Lingamfelter for his 16 years in office. As a public servant and advocate, Elizabeth has worked with families in her community who are struggling to pay for healthcare, earn a living wage, and get to work everyday in our congested roads. Being a social worker, she sees hardworking families make ends meet, and realize that Republicans in Richmond are not working for them.

Her campaign includes a commitment to raise the minimum wage, achieve pay equity for women, and make local government work for everyone, rather than advance an anti-minority agenda. Her campaign has never taken money from major corporations like Dominion Power, and is built on people-powered grassroots fundraising, holding to the values of getting big money out of politics.

Jennifer Carroll Foy is running for House of Delegates in Virginia’s 2nd state legislative district. Jennifer was born and raised in Petersburg, Virginia, and has dedicated her entire life to public service.

Currently, she is an adjunct professor at Northern Virginia Community College and a public defender where she represents some of the Commonwealth’s most vulnerable citizens including adolescents, the indigent, and the mentally ill.

Jennifer’s proudest contributions to the community was her creation of the Foundation for Foster and Orphan Children, whose mission is to help build a better future for foster and orphan children in Virginia and beyond.

As a Delegate for Virginia’s 2nd district, Jennifer would work on protecting women’s access to reproductive health care, fighting for equal pay for equal work, advancing criminal justice reform, expanding pre-k education, and supporting teachers and first responders through better pay. She will support policies that will help end the school to prison pipeline and will work to set goals combatting climate change which threatens our environment and economic future.


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