Deborah Gonzalez for Georgia

Ayp 2504

Deborah Gonzalez (Applied)

Running for GA House of Representatives in GA

Who am I?

Deborah Gonzalez is a champion for working families. She is an attorney, a wife, and a mother of two. Her father served two tours of duty in Vietnam and retired from the military after 30 years. Her mother was an administrative assistant who retired from Hewlett Packard. Deborah’s mother and father now run a small army surplus business together.

Inspired by her family’s hard work ethic and service, she began work at the age of fourteen at the FOCUS Hispanic Center. After graduating high school, Deborah took a job at a Tyvek factory and started a family. Determined to provide a better life for her children, Deborah attended law school at nights and weekends and earned her law degree in 1997. Because she understands what it’s like to struggle to put food on the table, Deborah has since dedicated her career to helping people protect what they hold most dear.

Deborah worked at Latino Justice (formerly PRLDEF) and has served with UGA’s Fanning Institute of Leadership, was an Associate Vice President at GSU Perimeter College, and served as President of the Georgia Music Industry Association. In addition, she spearheaded a series of pro bono clinics at Nuҫi’s Space in Athens and continues to volunteer for the Georgia Lawyer’s for the Arts.

Deborah’s resolve to represent her district continues her history of dedication to hard work and service to others. She recognizes the problems that have gone long unsolved and is committed to bringing a new voice to state of Georgia.

What am I fighting for?

I am running because I am being the change I want to see in this world. In today’s world, many of our elected officials have become out of touch with the hard-working people that are our neighbors, friends, and family. Their policies reflect their lack of empathy towards their fellow members of society. For too long we, in this district, and throughout the state of Georgia, have watched these elected officials vote in their own self-interest and leave we the people, behind. I run to be the new progressive voice in the Georgia Dome and to fight for:

Healthcare as a human right accessible to all
Reinvestment in our public school systems (no vouchers)
Respect of immigrants and protection of DACA students
Protection of women’s reproductive rights
Sexual Assault Prevention and Protection of Victims
Transportation and Infrastructure that works for all in the community
Living wages that ensure access to paths of prosperity for all members of our community
Net Neutrality and Consumer Privacy
Independent Redistricting to combat political gerrymandering
Combating the prison industrial complex and eliminating mandatory sentencing
Protecting the environment and combating climate change
Anti-discrimination and the protection against fascism and white supremacy

Representatives can make significant change through the legislation they introduce and vote on, which affect all the people in our state. Being elected to this seat will allow me to work hard to make sure the legislation and the votes are based on progressive values for the good of all the people.

My DFA Values

I have been a proponent for minority advancement in many different initiatives throughout my professional life. I began my advocacy by working at the FOCUS Hispanic Center for Community Development. That experience made it evident to me that I was able and willing, to fulfill needs of Latino and minority communities. It taught me what is possible in terms of solutions to the problems minority communities face especially their marginalization and denial of access to opportunities. Over the course of my professional career I have strived to work on projects that help the greater good. For instance, upon completion of my law degree, I worked for the Puerto Rican Legal Defense Fund and Education (now called LatinoJustice I also developed and ran several educational programs for Fairleigh Dickinson University, including Gateway to the Future (Puerta al Futuro, I worked with the Fanning Institute of Leadership at UGA to lead their Latino Youth program (Sin Limites) and the Latino community leadership program. I have been an advocate for and have participated in marches and rallies focusing on women’s and immigrant rights (including DACA) among others. I have facilitated various community discussions on race and diversity, including a town hall in President Carter’s hometown of Americus, GA. I was also a subject matter expert for Rep. Mable Thomas on her study committee regarding minority participation in the film and television production industry in Georgia (2016-2017). I look forward to continuing to work for a diverse and equal America.

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