McCormick for Governor

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Lisa McCormick (Applied)

Running for NJ Governor in NJ

Who am I?

I am a mother & small business owner who has witnessed the broken political systems, legalized bribery & the ugly manifestations of inequality in our society. As a progressive activist, fighting for justice, advocating smart & honest policies, like breaking up big banks, stopping corporate tax dodgers, Medicare for all and expanding free public education; I will work to eliminate the corrupt influence of dirty money in politics with an affordable system of fair & clean elections. Eliminating political payoffs is the only way to put on a public agenda items such as state-funded child care, paid family leave, universal health insurance, free tuition at public colleges and universities. In a 2010 Democratic primary for county clerk, I got 47% against an incumbent with 33 years in elected office, so I can win.

I protested against 'too big to fail' banks, urged consumers to 'move your money' and helped expose corporate tax dodgers through actions. I participated in Occupy Wall Street, defended Black Lives Matter, promoted clemency for Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden, demanded closing of private prisons and helped advance people-powered politics. My campaign will not employ TV ads but instead relies on a massive organization effort to convey my message via word of mouth, social media and printed matter.

What am I fighting for?

Most of the political insiders have cowered away from a race against millionaire Phil Murphy, a 23 year veteran of Goldman Sachs who bought a presidential appointment by keeping Congress addicted to Wall Street money for four years and is putting $10 million of his own money into this campaign. I have been recruiting candidates as part of Democrats for Change's effort to shake up the establishment and I am not going to let this greedy one-percenter go unchallenged. We have a list of 375,000 likely Bernie voters from the 2016 primary, 150,000 emails or phone numbers from NJ volunteers and 30,000 NJ people who donated to Bernie and 25,000 NJ people who donated to a candidate other than Bernie. That base is likely to support and work for and fund an insurgent challenging a Wall Street titan and we have been cultivating support among the group for ten years.

My DFA Values

We shared the sacrifices to get through the Great Depression, WWII, the Great Recession and countless other difficulties but somewhere around 1980, we stopped sharing the rewards, prosperity and benefits because they were all taken by the richest one percent. A class war has raged in America for the last 40 years and it is time for the people who have lost so much to start fighting back. My DFA values are American values: equality, liberty, prosperity, and justice for all. We must reverse climate change to protect life, we must make health care and education universal rights. We must establish a minimum income and living wages to coincide with technology that makes less work necessary for society to function. Humanity must review its perspective on nations, borders and causes of war while recognizing the need to restrain population growth and hazardous industrial output. We need more public transparency and personal privacy. We cannot achieve progress unless we alter the focus on money in politics. I would outlaw political contributions in amounts and methods that are akin to bribery, supplanting those with public funding for campaigns and new restrictions on outside income for elected officials.

Resist Donald Trump!

Democracy for America supporters like you are mobilizing to resist Donald Trump -- and defeat Trump Republicans in elections cross the country. Are you in?