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Marcia price for va delegate 95th district

Marcia Price - Endorsed by DFA

Running for Delegate in VA

Who am I?

I am a fourth generation citizen of the 95th District who is attuned to the needs and concerns of the citizens. My focus is protecting and nurturing the future of Virginia’s youth and fighting for the resources they need to be successful. In action, I am the bold voice that is needed to stand firm against policies meant to discriminate and disenfranchise. In efforts to bring government back to the people, I work hard to educate the electorate, stay accessible to my constituents, and host informative and empowering events. Having attended illustrious institutions of higher learning, I am a womanist Christian theologian and my studies inform my views and help me to see wholistic ways of helping my community. My family’s legacy of public service has afforded me the opportunity to learn how systems work so that I can disrupt the status quo. My generation is the bridge between the Boomers and the Millennials and I love intergenerational collaboration, engaging both wisdom and energy. In my day job, I direct a non-profit that trains community organizers for voter engagement, civic engagement, and leadership development. I am thorough in my approach and my team and I work hard for the votes and support we seek.

What am I fighting for?

I am running for reelection because there is more work to do to make the 95th District an even safer place to live, learn, work, play, and raise a family. Districts like mine, in part, reflect the areas of neglect that our state level government still wants to forget. Gun violence and poverty are issues we cannot sweep under the rug as we pass legislation putting more guns on the streets and creating more opportunities for the rich. In my first term, I asked questions that often go unasked and unanswered when rooms lack diversity in perspective. My committee work on Health, Welfare and Institutions and Privileges and Elections was both timely and important to a team effort of advancing progressive values like that of access to affordable healthcare, protecting women's rights, and redistricting reform. I want to continue to fight to protect the progress we have made. I also want to build on the incremental steps we have made toward progress on issues like student loan debt and transparency and accountability in community policing. The tides are turning and conversations are shifting because of consistent, constant, and comprehensive activism in the progressive community. Now is the time to keep fighting to make a real difference.

My DFA Values

On the day I took my oath in January 2016, my district was on its 2nd murder for the year. By that weekend, we had had 5 murders. Preventing youth, gang, and gun violence was the veil through which I saw other legislative priorities. I stood with my VA House Democratic colleagues as we fought for economic development initiatives and policies that would continue to build the New Virginia Economy. The economic issues of course were intersectional and connected to disparities and inequities across the board. For example, as we fought for workforce development, I continued to press for summer employment opportunities proven to reduce youth crime during school recess. I know that family involvement in the lives of youth depends on parents' being able to make fair wages to have one job and actual free time to participate in their child’s activities. I know that when law enforcement and community are at odds, no one wins. I know that dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline takes the right leaders in place fighting for resources for creating an alternative pipeline to success. I also know that helping small businesses and protecting Virginia's workers are important to the success of any locality. The legislation I have proposed and supported speaks to these priorities, as well as equality for all Virginians. Being told that my legislation was “too bold for a Freshman,” I took that as the highest compliment because my constituents don’t have time for me to wait to take up these fights.

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