DFA Dialer: GOTV for Marie Newman for Congress

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This Dialer will be open 9am to 9pm local time Saturday, March 17th through Tuesday, March 20th, Election Day - please join for your shift time, and you can stay on and talk to as many voters as you can! 

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About Marie Newman for Congress:

Marie Newman

Marie is running for Congress in Illinois to stand up for the values that are important in the 3rd District and the entire country: fighting for working families, growing and protecting small businesses, promoting education and training programs that lead to real jobs, pushing for Healthcare-For-All, expanding Social Security, and fighting for worker’s rights, women’s healthcare, veterans, and Medicare.

Marie’s experience as a small businesswoman, entrepreneur, nonprofit executive, author, and human rights advocate has made her a results-driven progressive who embraces challenge and works with others on real solutions. This means everything from battling income inequality by fighting for $15 to ensuring universal health care for all Americans through Medicare for All. Marie will also take a stand against money in politics. Her campaign is people-powered, focusing on listening to people and crafting solutions.

She's running against a conservative Democrat with the most anti-choice, anti-LGTBQ, anti-immigrant records of any Democratic incumbent - he votes with Trump on immigration, supports drug-testing welfare recipients, and just recently supported a racial profiling law in Congress.

 Marie will fight Congress hard to address the needs and concerns of the families, small businesses, veterans and retirees of the 3rd District. She believes strongly in open, accessible and transparent government. Her values and priorities are centered on listening to people, creating solutions and getting results.

Alongside local and national Democracy for America members, we're proud to join NARAL, SEIU, MoveOn, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, and more in endorsing Marie Newman - together, we can build a grassroots people-powered campaign to win. 

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