Snider for Congress

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Justin Snider (Applied)

Running for US Representative District TX-06 in TX

Who am I?

Born and raised in Arlington, TX, Justin grew up spending much of his time learning about electronics, construction, farming, business, and financial responsibility from his family. These skills helped foster a sense of responsibility and innovation. After graduating from High School, Justin worked in various small retail positions and waited tables to get by. He learned the difficulty, as a young adult, living paycheck to paycheck attempting to gain financial stability. In his twenties, Justin pursued work as a Locksmith. After working for a local company, he decided to venture out on his own. April 2017 marks ten years that he’s been in business for himself.

This professional success allowed him to get involved in the Bernie Sanders campaign. Alongside community leaders, he led efforts to organize the grassroots movement behind the local campaign as well as the delegates headed for state convention. Due to his success, he later earned a place as a National delegate to the Democratic Convention. Once the campaign ended in summer of 2016, he focused efforts on pushing for progressive issues and policies at a local level.

As his attention turned to his district, Justin decided this would be a good place to begin his efforts and decided to run for US House of Representatives for Texas District 06. Justin realized that if he wanted real progress to occur, he would have to step up and be that change.

Justin is running for Congress not as a politician, but as a representative of the people.

What am I fighting for?

It is time to bring reform and change to our political system. When elected, I promise to do just that for our community. For far too long our politicians have gotten away with ignoring the needs of those they’re supposed to represent. As your neighbor, I will bring integrity and honor back to Texas and fight for the rights of all citizens.

My DFA Values

Justin Snider dedicates his life to fighting for justice when he sees injustice. Snider’s a member of NAACP, Our Revolution, Democratic Women's Club, DSA, to name a few. Snider’s a Feminist, champion for Civil Rights, LGBT rights, Women’s' Rights. Justin is an advocate for Immigrant rights and was a huge part of the fight against Texas Senate Bill 4, a bill written by Republicans in Texas to allow racial profiling in order to check immigration status. Justin is pro-Union and believes in smashing corporate enterprises that continue to make money on the American workers back. Snider’s Pro-Choice & believes in a Woman's right to choose her reproductive path. Justin stands against Police Brutality in Black & Latino Communities. Justin stands for Students to receive a fair and equal public education no matter the color or gender of the student, and free or lower tuition costs to eliminate mass debt accrued by the average college graduate. Justin believes that no one should be held back for race or gender in the workplace, and stands for reform in laws in workplace practice and hiring. Justin has worked for environmental rights, including stopping the Keystone pipeline.

Resist Donald Trump!

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