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Russ Cirincione (Applied)

Running for House of Representatives in NJ

Who am I?

I'm a 32 year-old millennial, a dad, a husband, and a government attorney. I defend housing justice in New York under the rent stabilization law. I’ve stood up to big money in courtrooms and won. I drafted a law that now protects tenants from predatory lending practices. I've found my calling serving the common good. I’ve been at the negotiation table as a real estate broker, so I know how to get the right things done. As a union member of DC37/AFL-CIO, I will be a pro-union Congressman.
My mom was lucky enough to stay home and raise us. One job should be enough to support a family.
I work hard, because in college and law school, I went to classes and worked 40 hours a week. I made enough for textbooks, but not enough for tuition. I still have student loan debt, so I’ve pledged to make college tuition free and cancel all student debt. I owe my education to Seton Hall in New Jersey.
We were gentrified out of the neighborhood we grew up in, and we chose New Jersey because of its good schools and our history here. My son is two years old. I’m going to fulfill a promise I made to him when I first held him in my arms, that I will do whatever it takes to make sure his generation has it better than we did.

What am I fighting for?

I'm running for office because the climate crisis threatens my son's life and my home. The fossil fuel industry proposed a gas pipeline through our township in June, that would pollute the air my son breathes. The fire of activism is lit inside me. The fossil fuel industry will attempt to burn every drop of oil, while we get to watch the world burn. They came for my family. I decided enough is enough, I can't leave my son’s future in the hands of someone who won't fight the fossil fuel industry, because they take their money. That’s why I support a federal jobs guarantee and going 100% renewable energy by 2030.
I’m running because our district faces multiple crises. Our representation is not talking about how to solve the greatest challenges of our time. We must beat the climate crisis with the Green New Deal. We must have a healthy country, cover the 40,000+ people in our district who have no health insurance, and lower healthcare costs with single-payer Medicare for All. I’m running because I’m upset how broken politics is, because big money calls the shots. So I take no corporate PAC money and no lobbyist money. I’m running because the time for justice in America is now, and there’s no time to waste.
We need more public servants in office.

My DFA Values

Government attorneys have ethical rules of loyalty to the Public. That philosophy guides me, and it’s why I reject all big money. Law school teaches justice is blind, but experience taught me that big money can afford teams of lobbyists and corporate lawyers to influence the political and legislative process. They’ve got money, but we’ve got people, millions of people demanding justice for all. Our campaign is volunteer led, movement driven, and grassroots. We’ve knocked on doors and canvassed.
I’ve pledged to support Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, free public college and cancelling student debt, a living wage, and ending big money in politics.
The People of New Jersey are ready for bold action to confront the crises we face. The Green New Deal will create millions of new jobs and protect our shore district from the worst flooding. Our health insurance costs the 5th highest in the country.
All people deserve a dignified life. 90,000 people work for minimum wage here. We must feed the hungry, house the homeless, heal the sick, care for our seniors, and empower everyone to live their best lives. Our country has institutionalized racism, but “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” I’ll use my privilege to fight for economic and racial justice.
We’re continuing the political revolution of the People to strengthen our communities and bring millions of people into politics. Our goal is to recognize our common struggle for economic, social, environmental and racial justice, and win.

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