Broad For Congress

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Adam Broad (Applied)

Running for Congress IL-10 in IL

Who am I?

Citizen Dad/Lisa's Guy. Peace activist/Marine. Public servant as Vernon Township Trustee. I'm on the Bernie Sanders slate of delegates for the Democratic National Convention and Volunteer for Our Revolution Lake County and the National Lawyers Guild - Environmental Justice Committee. My career providing volunteer legal assistance began serving a domestic abuse shelter, environmental activists, and anti-poverty work in 1988 and continued with decades in voting rights programs. I am a member of the National Writers Union (UAW LOCAL 1981 AFL-CIO) and helped unionize American Bridge 21st Century. I worked there almost 5 years doing opposition research on leading GOP political figures and right-wing hate groups.

What am I fighting for?

The Tenth District would be well-served to have a Representative in Congress that promotes Medicare For All and a Green New Deal. Medicare for All reduces overall cost and permits free access to all citizens with no co-pays, no premiums, no deductibles. With the economy of scale caused by Everybody In and Nobody Out, the United States has a reasonable expectation to be paying less than Canada for pharma cost instead of twice as much. The Green New Deal can create millions of new union jobs transforming the energy grid to clean, inexpensive, renewables. It's a bold step to mitigate Climate Emergency while providing new infrastructure for housing, clean air and clean water.

My DFA Values

I advocate for personhood of eco-systems and co-wrote a National Lawyers Guild resolution to include eco-systems among the under-served and under-represented constituents included in our advocacy. I unreservedly call for Bernie Sanders to be the presidential nominee of the Democratic party. I don't understand how otherwise reasonable people criticize Trump on one hand for denying science and then on the other, not support Bernie's Green New Deal for Climate Emergency. I will not take corporate PAC money. I support an agenda to take on corporate polluters, Big Banks, Big Insurance, and Big Pharma. I stand up for voting rights and making elections more accessible. I support public financing of elections and ranked choice voting to make political offices more accessible for traditionally marginalized citizens. I signed the WOLF PAC pledge and the NO Fossil Fuel Money pledge. Our economy and politics should be controlled by communities not corporations. The status quo works great for wealthy, powerful & connected people. Not so great for the rest of us. Some of us keep our heads above water serving the elites, but too many of us are down or circling the drain. I am an activist public servant organizing to make our government work great for the rest of us.

Resist Donald Trump!

Democracy for America supporters like you are mobilizing to resist Donald Trump -- and defeat Trump Republicans in elections cross the country. Are you in?