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Matt Keating (Applied)

Running for Eugene City Council in OR

Who am I?

Matthew K. Keating (he/him/his), his partner Rebecca Byerley, and "Vegas" the Great Dane live in South Eugene, OR. Both Becca and Matt enjoy baseball games, Scrabble, and road trips to the Oregon Coast. As an elected official and as an advocate for preserving our precious natural resources, Matt has volunteered for the Oregon League of Conservation Voters and SOLVE-Oregon to clean up Oregon’s coastline. In addition, Matt worked for Environment Oregon to ban plastic bags both locally and state-wide.

Matt is the oldest of three Keating brothers: Michael, 39, practices law and Mark, 30, is a budget analyst. Matt is Godfather and uncle to two boys and two girls and, as mentioned, he is a proud "dog dad" to an 8-year old adopted rescue pooch known as "Vegas."

Elected countywide in 2013 and again in 2017, Matt serves as vice chair of the Board of Education of Lane Community College. He is also a member of the KLCC Public Radio Foundation Board and he is an active member of the Eugene Public Library Foundation Board of Directors.

In 2017 Matt was elected by members of the Democratic Party of Oregon's State Central Committee to serve as one of Oregon's five DNC Members to the Democratic National Committee. As a DNC Member, Matt has worked to reform the undemocratic automatic authority of "super delegates," expand vital voter protection programs, and most recently he co-sponsored resolutions urging the DNC to host/co-sponsor multi-candidate climate themed debates.

What am I fighting for?

As an LCC Board Member I have worked to keep community college tuition affordable while protecting vital programs such as Early Childhood Education, Medical Office Assistance, Engineering and Welding. I want to take that energy, experience, and enthusiasm and apply it to a city I love -- a city in need of actionable solutions to address the affordable housing crunch, the clear and present climate crisis, and critical mental health services.

Sprawl is unsustainable. We need to revisit local antiquated land-use law and allow for mixed commercial/residential housing along existing transportation corridors. This dense housing approach will allow us to build energy efficient housing up -- not out -- and reduce our carbon footprint by building along existing world-class rapid transit systems.

Sadly, Eugene boasts the highest number of un-housed persons per capita in the nation. Bringing together the for-profit, nonprofit, faith community, education sector, and government we will better tackle the issues of homelessness, substance abuse, and physical/mental health challenges. It takes a village, and only through collaboration, creative funding, and compassion of our entire community will we be able to help those most in need connect with jobs, housing, and services fundamental to health and well being.

My DFA Values

1. I have never worked for or volunteered for a candidate or cause I wasn't wholly vested in.
2. I am DFA-trained as a former Howard Dean Netroots Nation scholarship recipient; Field Manager in River Falls, WI (2011); and Public Option Field Organizer (2009).
3. As a Democratic Party operative, organizer, and elected official I have fought for workers' rights, women's rights, LGBTQIA+ rights, and the rights of traditionally underrepresented communities. For example: When it was considered politically unpopular, as an LCC Board Member, I authored a resolution supporting Drivers Licenses for All (regardless of citizenship). I was the first elected official in Lane County to endorse raising the wage to $15/hour, and most recently, I co-authored and organized support for a robust Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) calling for collegiate partnership with responsible contractors, a diverse workforce, and measurable use of sustainable/renewable products in our college's construction projects.
As Eugene's next City Councilor, I will continue to embrace shared governance values, bringing stakeholders to the table and building broad coalitions of community squarely focused on the interests of people, planet, and our shared future.

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