DFA Dialer for Virginia: GOTV now with DFA and Indivisible

Want to immediately call voters? Click the big red button below (but don't forget to sign up for future shifts on this page as well)!


Join DFA and Indivisible to call voters and help win critical state legislative elections on November 7. From now until Election Day, we're focusing on mobilizing sporadic voters and expanding turnout in Virginia, 2017's election battleground state.​ When turnout is high, progressive candidates win -- so join us and together we can transform the electorate, elect progressive champions like Justin Fairfax for Lieutenant Governor, and change legislative power up and down the ballot on November 7.

We'll give you everything you need to get started talking to voters -- the latest polling and breaking news, plus all of the information and tools you'll need to make these urgent calls. All you need is your phone and a computer (or tablet / iPad / Kindle tablet) with internet access.

Resist Donald Trump!

Democracy for America supporters like you are mobilizing to resist Donald Trump -- and defeat Trump Republicans in elections cross the country. Are you in?