Thursday, April 13: RSVP now for DFA's Reflective Democracy Night School

Reflective democracy is a simple but important idea: those who hold public office should look like America. They should reflect their communities. But that doesn't happen right now. The Women Donors' Network found that out of 42,000 elected officials, 90% are white -- but our country is 37% people of color. 71% are male, in a country that is 51% female.

We're not going to smash Wall Street, crush white supremacy, or take the White House back from Donald Trump and his minions if we don't build a reflective democracy. That includes supporting progressive candidates of color. It also includes training campaign staff and volunteers to reach out to voters of color, without whom progressives won't win elections.

That's why our next DFA Night School training will be all about building a reflective democracy. This training will take place on Thursday, April 13, at 8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific. Sign up now to join us for this important training!

Resist Donald Trump!

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