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In order to keep this political revolution growing, transform the electorate, and fight for the values Bernie Sanders brought to the fore of the 2016 election -- it's time to run people-powered campaigns and elect transformative leaders to office, up and down the ballot, in all 50 States. Are you one of those leaders, ready to run and organize with courage and conviction on the vision of the political revolution? Are you ready to build the focused, media-savvy, grassroots campaign operations we need to defy expectations and win? Together, we can fight income inequality, money in politics, and structural racism -- and create a reflective democracy. You can get the key skills and training you need to make it happen here at Democracy for America's Political Revolution Night Schools.

Register now -- you can sign up for all of the courses at once, or participate in a combination. These are free, interactive, action-oriented skill sessions, led by Democracy for America senior staff and top-notch guest trainers and allies. Sign up now and we'll follow up with all the details you need to join Democracy for America's Night School trainings on how to keep the political revolution going in your community.

Trainings start at 9pm ET / 6pm PT. Before your training, DFA will send you a personalized PIN # to participate.

Wednesday, August 10: Building a People-Powered Campaign: Grassroots Recruitment and Leadership Development
This training digs in to the process of building your base, identifying strong leaders early on, and creating a maximally powerful volunteer team -- so that your campaign is ready to move forward with a shared sense of purpose in the intensity of a 24-hours news cycle.

Wednesday, August 17: Reflective Democracy and Organizer Math:  Build Your Voter Targeting Plan
In this session we'll dig in to the nitty gritty components of refining and adjusting your pathway to victory -- from win numbers, to persuadable and base universes of voters, to the tips and tools for electorate-expansion.

[NEW EVENT!] Wednesday, August 24: "Our Revolution" kickoff event featuring Bernie Sanders​
On August 24, Bernie Sanders will kick off a new organization called "Our Revolution" with a national live stream address in which Bernie will talk about what we can do as organizers to fight for every single issue that is driving the movement forward. Our Revolution is organizing grassroots watch parties all over the country. Sign up to host an organizing kickoff today!

[NEW DATE!] Thursday, August 25: Creating the Narrative: Authentic, Values-Driven, Compelling Storytelling on the Campaign Trail
Elections are about voters making an important choice -- and as human beings, underneath many choices, there is a strong, compelling narrative. In this session, we'll practice crafting and honing your campaign narrative through powerful storytelling -- and we'll look at examples of how these narratives show up in earned and paid media. 

Wednesday, August 31: Fundraising Builds the Movement: Launching a Powerhouse Finance Team
Winning campaigns require money and resources -- this session is an overview on building a strong finance program through call time, small dollar donors, events, and more.

Wednesday, September 7: Internal Systems and Operations: Setting Up Your Team for Success
From staffing to HR to finance reporting to compliance, good campaigns need strong systems in order to keep the trains running on time. This briefing will cover key tips for setting up strong systems and operations early on so that the candidates and campaigners are all set up for success.

(Have an idea for another training? We're working to expand our virtual and on the ground trainings all the time. Email [email protected] with your idea. Please note that due to overwhelming volume, we cannot commit to support all the ideas with training modules.)

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